Ceramics Market

2010 ushered in a new round of reshuffle ceramic industry, ceramic terminal market, although the widespread popular demand, but with the formation of a large number of young middle-class, end-market, there have been a lot of individual needs, “the pursuit of individuality” became opportunities and challenge.

    Personalized ceramic tile has become a popular trend. Such as the new darlings of the market, “Antique Brick” on its “personality” in the consumer market advantages of occupying a seat.

    Antique bricks are on the market different styles and schools of a large number of products, antique pottery, rustic brick to retain heavy, but also has a moisturizing delicate pottery, plus easy-to-match color combinations, the advantages of the surface can be cleaned easily become a new favorite of designers and consumers . Such as “experience life, and taste art” Mona Lisa ceramics “Roman style” series, is a “classical symphonic fashion, echoing footsteps of the world” and its interpretation of the classic retro antique tiles and fashion fusion style, texture, giving the US-round Huan visual appreciation of the United States.

    Another example is Health Debon antique ceramic tile series, the creative to join some of Australia’s unique recreational elements, auxiliary space out of the natural simplicity, simple and generous, exotic full-bodied, giving sight to behold to enjoy. Rustic tiles tiles like in the spirit, constantly changing, and it looked for decoration provides infinite space. Fast replacement ceramic products, from brand to product technology upgrading pile up for us. In addition to antique tiles, other ceramic products is also designed to pursue personalized, more varied and more eye-catching. King will not be a layer of the same market, the market darling is also a regime change of the chase.

    Looking at the international ceramics market, supply exceeds demand, but the special, excellent, new, refined products are in short supply, particularly in high-grade building ceramics and sanitary ceramics. As for my country, the average annual demand for high-grade sanitary ceramics is about 200-300 million. As a competition intensifies, medium and low-grade products are no longer the main body of market competition, the international ceramics producing countries are also the focus of their production to have a significant interest and competitive potential of the gentrification transfer of ceramic products. The future international ceramics market, artistic, and personalization will also become a mainstream consumer market.


  “The market is saying goes, personality is king.” Personalized ceramic products, unique design, different kind of style can be a way out in the market to create considerable room for development. Increase strength, increase creativity, to create a range of ceramic art ceramic enterprises trend.
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