32 Splendid Topic Selections for Dissertation on Art – Guaranteed ‘A’ Grade

It is significant to select a topic that satisfies the apprentice and inspires him / her to write…

A selection of 32 best topics that will get you a guaranteed ‘A’ grade…

Writing a Dissertation on art is not an easy task. there are many aspects one can cover. You have to have pure understanding of the existing and ancient events relating to this subject. the following topics will help you in deciding which area of discussion you should take up for your thesis.

1. ‘A Very Good Indifference’: clothing in reinstatement Virginia

2. English Urania; the varying features of feminine splendor and the mounting Cult of makeup throughout the 17th Century.

3. Baring the Leg: an examination Into the mount of Hemlines to the Knee in Anglo-American Female costume, 1924-29

4. Diana Vreeland: Her effort in Harper’s open market and Vogue (1936-1971)

5. losing on the Sands: Seaside outfit in England 1850-1900

6. trend and desire: gear and theatrical outfit in Watteau’s FĂȘtse Galantes

7. Japonisme and femaleness: Japanese wear in British and French painting, c.1860 – c.1899


8. Queen of Kings: the clothing of Anne of Denmark

9. the gear of an Anglo-Irish noble, Lady Louisa Conolly, 1759-1779

10. the French power on English gear in the supremacy of Charles II, 1660-1685

11. Women, Smoking and the admired mind of the 1920’s: from nastiness to sophistication.

12. A concise outline of chapter One of talent throughout the Ages by Helen Gardner

13. A regal Man of several Faces: Benjamin Franklin in 18th Century Portraiture

14. A relative research of Russian Constructivism and Dutch De Stijl

15. A Comparison and distinction of Bayeux Tapestry and Joshua Roll

16. A Comparative examination of the Ragpicker by Edouard Manet and portrayal of a Peasant by Vincent Van Gogh

17. An evaluation of Donatello’s David and Michelangelo’s David

18. A contrast of Minoan and Mycenaean skill

19. A Contrast of several Paintings belonging to the Renaissance Period

20. A relative scrutiny of a Late 18th Century Armoire

21. A decisive scrutiny of Fra Filippo Lippi’s Madonna and Child with Two Angels

22. An account of the relations of Social / Political Change and imaginative Styles in the Early 20th Century

23. A recurring creation: Futurism, Fascism and contemporary Film

24. A debate of main Issues in Modern Feminist creative backgroung

25. An argument on the olden times of Japanese Porcelain

26. A debate on the link between Landscape poems and creative Works by Xie Ling-yun and Fan K’uan

27. Ancient Stain Glass Windows

28. An existence in creativity: the creative accomplishment of Benvenuto Cellini

29. An interpretation of the years in creativity of J.M.W. Turner

30. A brief narration of the Dada and Surrealist activities

31. A revision of the Amphoras Vase of Exekias with Ajax and Achilles

32. A contextual and creative examination of the Daedalus and Icarus Myth


Art history dissertations are one of the most appealing research areas as it is very rousing and fascinating. It contains loads of material and handling of informative data because of which students get fed up and frustrated easily.
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