Graphic Design Resources: Where to Go for Inspiration

In all creative endeavors, inspiration is always the essential starting point of the process. An inspired work will always express the feelings of the artist, and will most likely be an example of the best that your talent can offer. Any art form that is less than inspired can lead to a forced creation. Something you do because you need to produce something. The worst point of it all is when all creative inspiration vanishes, a kind of “writer’s block” for graphic design. For the growing numbers of graphic artists out there this is a growing phenomenon. With the pace of business as fast as it is these days, most artists are tasked to “mass produce” designs for digital and print media at a moment’s notice. Hardly time to get inspired. SO the question is, what are a few graphic design resources that you can tap for creative inspiration? Don’t fret, we have collected a few things you can do when you’re in a creative rut. Do any of the activities below and you increase your chances of getting creative inspiration.

Look at other art forms One of the first causes of a lack in inspiration is that you get overexposed to one type of art. For graphic design, this means you are always working on the same type of design over and over. For example, you may be working with banner advertisements all day for the web. You can also be a layout designer for a magazine or printing service and you have to produce page advertisements and brochure designs. If you work with the same media on a daily basis, your brain gets into its own repeating process to create your design. As time goes by you will be repeating the same ideas over and over again until eventually you’ll just plain run out of inspiration.


To get inspired and have those creative juices flowing once again, you have to “treat your brain” to a different task altogether. This is so that it can work with new and fresh concepts. One of the best techniques to jog the mind is to look at art forms other than the one you usually work on. So if you’re into print design, why not look at architecture books? If you work with web graphics all day why not look at a photography book or go to a museum and look at sculptures? Other art forms may give you that creative spark to get you out of being stuck. For this purpose, the museum is a treasure trove of graphic design resources for you. They have sculptures, paintings and other art forms. If a trip to a museum is a task unto itself, a bookstore will suffice. Just browse through their art book section.

Nature as the best art teacher Next up is nature. Have you ever heard of divine inspiration? It comes in many forms, but usually it comes from nature. The landscape, trees, mountains, lakes, rivers and of course the sky can be a source of inspiration. Have you ever looked at the sky on sunrise or on sunset? There are bursts of colors and light that you really can’t imagine yourself. If you look at trees you’ll find that they have a curious chaotic symmetry that can be really inspiring. If you have always been awed at the beauty of nature then you should take design inspiration from it. So go to the park, go out of town, or simply just look into the sky and be amazed.

Human Life Art Lastly, you can also take some creative inspiration from “human life art.” We are just coining a term here, but human art can be graffiti, children’s drawings, industrial complexes, construction sites, people’s faces, people at train stations. You’ll be surprised but a lot of inspiration comes from everyday, mundane things. You spill your milk and the floor and it suddenly has an interesting pattern there. You pass a construction site, and the crane and building materials can give you wonderful textures and intersecting lines. They key to tap this graphic design resource is just to be observant and look at the beauty in everyday things.

There! Those are just three of the basic and most accessible graphic design resources for creative inspiration. Use any or all three of the above practices and you’ll increase your chances of getting that eureka moment. Have fun!

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