Mike Valeriani

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Murales in Dozza with door and child “I like to take pictures of whatever captures my attention. The particular thing about my photographs is that they are all real: nothing is set up or pre-planned; what you see is what happened in front of my eyes at that particular time and place. I don't plan to take good photographs; sometimes I amaze myself when I see the results. When I shoot I don't think much and at the same time I don't fully live that moment. I complete my visual experience only later when I look at the finished work. Photography is an extension of my vision and mind, it enables me to relive a moment over and over as intensely as the first time, when I wasn't really looking. I use photography to stop time and enjoy the pleasant visual experience later when it won't run away”

Born in Italy from an Italian father and an English mother, Mike Valeriani dedicated his life to photography. He studied in Italy at the European Institute of Design and in the USA at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and at the San Francisco Academy of Art, meanwhile becoming an airplane pilot. Even though his main art expression form is photography, he also produces a limited number of paintings and ceramic works. He has traveled world-wide along with his camera, capturing images that have been published on several magazines internationally. His work has been appreciated in all five continents, a goal in life that not many photographers can achieve. Former photographer for the Secret Services of the Italian Navy, he photographed a large number of personalities, among whom the King and Queen of Spain, and the President of Italy. He had been invited by the President of Algeria to take part in a diplomatic mission to illustrate Algeria to the world in all its beauty. Mike decided to follow his grandfather’s footsteps - well known artist whose work is visible on permanent exhibit at the “M. Valeriani Art Gallery” in Latina, Italy. He currently lives in United Kingdom.




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